Want to Save Money on Your Electric Bills?

Consider getting solar panel installation services in the Washington, DC area

If you want to generate your own clean energy and save some money on utility bills, contact us. WDC Solar offers solar panel roof installation services in Washington, DC and surrounding areas. We engineer our own panels and work with major brands like Enphase Energy and Solar Edge to install their panels. You can count on us to use top of the line equipment when installing your new solar array.

Contact us today to arrange for solar panel installation services. You'll benefit from a 25-year warranty.

What can we do for you?

Our team will take care of all your solar panel installation needs. You can count on us to:

  • Come to your location and do a cost analysis evaluation
  • Provide a permit for you if needed by your Homeowners Association
  • Help with the design of the panel placement
  • Install your panel on the ground or on your roof
  • Walk through the cost analysis and energy savings with you
  • Provide a backup battery system

Call us at 202-506-7586 to schedule solar panel roof installation services. Installation can take from one to two days.